If your expectations are too low, success will be impossible for you. If you set the bar low in life, you will rise to that low level and you will stay there your entire life.

So, expectations matter.

If you’re unhappy with the circumstances of your life, your expectations may be where the problem lies. Have you written down what your expectations for yourself are?

In order to reinvent yourself, the starting point is becoming aware of your current expectations and then replacing those expectations with ones that force you to stretch, grow, improve and achieve. Then, set a future date upon which you will realize your expectations.

Here are some examples: 

“I expect to become a successful __________________ in ______ years.”

“I expect to make $____________ a year.”

“I expect to have $____________ in the bank in ______ years.”

“I expect to weight __________ pounds by __________.”

“I expect to complete my first half marathons by __________.”

“I expect to write my first book by __________.”

“I expect to start my own business by __________.”

“I expect to accumulate my first million by __________.”

It doesn’t matter if your expectations are unrealistic. It doesn’t matter if the date you set is unrealistic. When you set the bar high, you may not always achieve what you desire, but you will push yourself to a higher level.

EXPECT more of yourself. We all have the capacity to achieve great things. Setting expectations will help you get to where you want to go.

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Last Update: June 12, 2024